Professional Internship Program

Due to the current circumstances this program is temporarily unavailable. It will resume as soon as it is safe to do so. Students have a chance to participate in real world experiences for high school credit. Students intern once a week at local businesses and learn valuable skills to help them with college and future careers.

Students have had the opportunity to intern with the following businesses:

  • Glen Cove
  • Hospice
  • The Humane Society
  • NOAA
  • Local Doctor’s Offices
  • Local Lawyer’s Offices

Students may also intern at the school as a teacher assistant, front desk receptionist or school store operator.

Palm Bay Preparatory provides students a college preparatory education and real world experience through its unique Professional Internship work-study program. This program provides additional resources to the school. Our Internship program exposes the student to a “real-world” work environment that broadens their horizons and encourages them to set high goals for themselves. The program prepares them for post-high school experiences including choosing a college and a career. Through this experience, our students develop into hard-working young adults with bright futures ahead.

The program also benefits the companies that choose to participate, our sponsor companies. Having a student nearby affords employees a chance to share their expertise and to really make a difference. The Palm Bay Prep opportunity is an exciting one for everyone involved – the eager student, the bright employee and the community at-large.

Our schools develop well-rounded students and our company sponsors are provided a chance to make a real difference through a disciplined approach to social entrepreneurship. Additionally, corporate sponsors typically choose to continue a student’s employment through the summer months. That hard work pays off as most students continue on to a collegiate education after participating in similar work study programs.

Employees who have participated in the program attest to the enjoyment that comes from the mentor experience provided by the work-study program, and they often form lasting, mutually beneficial professional relationships with their students.

The Palm Bay Preparatory experience is a unique chance for professionals to get involved with their industry’s next generation, and to make a difference in the future of its students, helping them to realize their dreams.