About Us

Palm Bay Preparatory provides a unique environment for grades 6 through 12, which emphasizes high academic achievement using state-of-the-art technology and innovative but proven educational methods.

We prepare students to successfully compete in an increasingly competitive post-secondary environment and the global job market. In addition, our school offers a personal, safe, and caring environment where we strive to meet our students’ needs as individual learners.

In all classes, teachers implement an instructional framework that provides students with opportunities to learn in small groups with the teacher, collaborate with peers, and work independently.

Mission Statement

The mission of Palm Bay Prep School is to provide authentic learning experiences, a collaborative nurturing environment, and build a foundation for student success through the use of technology and social/emotional supports. The vision of Palm Bay Prep School is to improve the lives of our students. The school will provide students with an educational opportunity that promotes high student achievement and flexibility. The school will offer students a learning model that focuses on the development of the whole student and high academic standards, integrates technology in all aspects of learning, and promotes tolerance for others.

Charter School Fact Sheet

To view our school grade: https://edudata.fldoe.org/