Dress Code & Uniform Policy


  • No visible piercing other than modest earrings or studs in ears only.
  • No visible undergarments.
  • No colored ear gages—clear only.


Uniform shirts are polo style in teal, white, grey or black with the school emblem. As these are the official shirts allowed to be worn in school, these options are intended to allow our students some flexibility and variety. Parents or students may not purchase an article of clothing and have it embroidered or screened with the Palm Bay logo as this would represent a copyright infringement. The polos are available for purchase at Zoghby’s located in Lynn Haven, FL.

Shirts may be worn on campus un-tucked as long as the shirt tail is neither too short nor too long (as determined by school staff) and as long as students maintain a neat and professional appearance. Untucked shirts will be permitted as long as the privilege is not abused. Shirts must be worn as designed, without modification. Undershirts must be solid colors:  black, white or grey.

Official Palm Bay T-shirts may be worn as part of the school uniform.  These t-shirts will be available from the school.


Uniform bottoms may be long pants or long shorts in black, khaki, and plain blue or black denim (pants made from athletic material may not be worn).  Girls are also permitted to wear skorts, knee length skirts, and Capri pants.  All pants must be worn at the waist. No rips, sags, tears, or embellishments are allowed. No pants with rivets, overalls, leggings, sweat pants, yoga pants, short shorts (shorts must be no shorter than 4” above the knee) or zip off style pants may be worn.


No sandals, flip-flops, heavy military type boots or shoes with metal tips may be worn. Heels must be 2 inches or lower.  Lighted shoes must be turned off during the school day.  Shoes must be closed-toe and closed-heel.  Tennis shoes are recommended.


On campus and in all classes, students will be required to wear solid color teal, black, grey or white jackets or sweaters that open or zip in the front pre-approved by Palm Bay staff. Zip front hooded sweatshirts in the appropriate solid colors are approved.  Official Palm Bay pull over or hooded sweatshirts are approved; however, pull over sweatshirts that do not have the school logo with or without hoods are not allowed. Solid color (teal, black, white or grey) cardigans may be worn as well.  Sweatshirts, sweaters and jackets with the school logo are available at Zoghby’s.


Hair must be neat and clean with no “unnatural” colors” (i.e. fluorescent, pink, bright green, etc.). No hats or bandanas may be worn. Essentially, no headwear is allowed except for hair barrettes, hair bands, etc. for girls. If there is a question, please ask.

Palm Bay Dress Code Intent:

Palm Bay staff intends and expects to maintain an environment that is fun, interesting, and engaging with a focus on education and learning –not on what we wear. We expect our parents and students to help us ensure the above policies and privileges are maintained and enjoyed.  However, students should be aware of the following:

On ALL MATTERS where judgment is required, the determination on any and all issues of appearance will be at the sole discretion of Palm Bay staff.

ALL of the Palm Bay Dress Code policies will be reviewed on a regular basis and may be changed at any time at the sole discretion of Palm Bay staff.

In cases where an individual student must be reminded more than once on any of the policies, privileges related to that policy may be revoked on an individual student basis at the sole discretion of Palm Bay  staff (i.e. revocation of jeans for that student specifically).